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Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

¿Realmente necesita un Agente de Bienes Raíces que le ayude a comprar o vender una propiedad? The answer is YES! | ¡La respuesta es SI! When you’re ready to think about buying or selling your property, you need to ask

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Which one is the best for Me?

¿Cual es el mejor para mi? Okay, so you saw all these listings and you are pretty good about remembering which floor plan went with which swimming pool and that one didn’t have a view, but the one with the

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Your Property Wish List

What does your future home look like? Where is it located? As you hunt down your dream home, consult this list to evaluate properties and keep your priorities top of mind. Follow the link below to download the printable version.

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7 Tips for Buying in a Tight Market

7 Tips para Comprar una Casa en un Mercado Competido Increase your chances of getting your dream house in a competitive housing market, and lower your chances of losing out to another buyer. Incrementa tus posibilidades de obtener la casa

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Absorption Rate Condos
  • 15.74,14.52,14.21,14.34,14.02,13.59,13.24,13.09,13.86,14.42,14.66,14.13

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Inventory Condos
  • 1014,962,966,975,979,948,921,903,937,949,908,894
  • 91,54,96,81,82,66,97,146,61,121,42,79

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Prices Houses
  • 715943.12,742751.96,758864.23,783916.04,811857.54,848186.07,868140.75,889485.25,894056.89,874705.43,843103.35,852751.41
  • 894060.00,795903.85,451540.86,799537.84,888276.19,821930.17,731255.41,682673.81,537610.88,740346.76,573056.21,759275.76
  • 398000.00,397958.00,399786.50,406725.00,408705.00,425000.00,432871.00,432871.00,442371.00,444400.00,440685.50,432871.00
  • 445000.00,393500.00,357000.00,420000.00,355000.00,445000.00,398800.00,327000.00,404500.00,412000.00,320000.00,329000.00

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