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Take the Stress Out of Home Buying

Buying a home should be fun, not stressful. As you look for your dream home, keep in mind these tips for making the process as peaceful as possible. 1. Find a real estate agent who you connect with. Home buying

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Professional To Sell Your Home

Make sure you choose a Professional who will provide top-notch service and meet your unique needs. Asegúrate de escoger un profesional que te va a dar servicio de primera y que satisfaga tus necesidades. 1. How long have you been

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What Not to Overlook on a Final Walk-through

It’s guaranteed to be hectic right before closing, but you should always make time for a final walk­through. Your goal is to make sure that your home is in the same condition you expected it would be. Ideally, the sellers

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Pros and Cons of Going Condo

Condominiums and townhouses offer an affordable option to single-family homes in many markets, and they’re ideal for those who appreciate a maintenance-free lifestyle. But before you buy, make sure you do your legwork. These are some of the important elements

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Absorption Rate Condos
  • 16.98,16.38,16.45,15.38,15.75,15.1,15.27,14.15,13.82,13.98,13.64,13.19

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Inventory Condos
  • 1029,991,1021,979,1012,965,989,941,943,953,955,921
  • 129,167,71,113,48,72,92,56,95,83,79,60

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Prices Houses
  • 706086.48,708484.83,726101.37,737636.14,723802.40,716178.10,712633.41,738008.83,755279.92,786771.01,869586.52,896458.16
  • 517304.27,522536.51,877596.30,608025.00,449305.56,483020.00,841406.67,757224.14,557454.13,782429.73,1509995.35,712241.51
  • 383831.00,388047.00,386833.50,390553.00,391958.50,389500.00,388555.50,388047.00,395000.00,401950.00,401950.00,419729.00
  • 259000.00,349000.00,377000.00,359450.00,350000.00,249000.00,487500.00,390000.00,377000.00,369000.00,410000.00,469000.00

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