Penthouse 3 | Coldwell Banker Puerto Vallarta

Penthouse 3

Penthouse 3 in The Romantic Zone | $445,000 USD

This 1442 sq.ft. Penthouse No. 3 boasts one of the best views in V399. Beautifully designed with custom furnishings. The floor plan features ample sized master and guest bedroom both with upgraded en-suite bathrooms and a spacious open concept living, dining, kitchen area with ½ bath; a perfect space for all your entertaining. Living space and master bedroom each feature a sizable landscaped terrace with seating. Some upgrades include a large marble custom kitchen island with seating for 6, built in gas cook top and wine fridge; domed vaulted ceiling with corner dimmed lighting; additional floor to ceiling kitchen cabinetry; high end marble flooring throughout with a un-penetrable sealant lasting 20 years; built in lower bathroom cabinetry with Kohler toilets, sinks and faucets.










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