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The Olas Altas office, which is located at 361 Calle Olas Altas, right in the ‘heart’ of the Romantic Zone! Without question, Olas Altas in the highest foot-traffic street in all of Puerto Vallarta and we are located directly across the street from the venerable Kaiser Maximilian’s Restaurant just around the corner from Calle Basilio Badillo. This office has its focus on our properties located ‘in town’ and ‘south of town’ mostly, although there is always a lot of overlap, however given that the company’s roots are in the Conchas Chinas to Mismaloya region we do a lot of work in those zones on the South Side of the Bay of Banderas. . The offices are also open six days a week from 9AM to 7PM and from 10AM to 2PM on Sundays. The office itself has a welcoming reception area 8 individual offices in an open floor plan plus a slightly smaller conference room. Both of our offices generate a large amount of walk-in traffic and we are always happy to help with directions, free wi-fi – or even perhaps a little real estate information! Please drop by and meet our most capable and friendly agents when you are next in either area!

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Absorption Rate Condos
  • 14.54,14.22,14.35,14.03,13.59,13.77,13.64,14.41,15.28,15.54,14.82,14.73

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Inventory Condos
  • 963,967,976,980,948,958,941,974,1006,962,942,923
  • 54,96,81,82,65,134,147,65,145,44,77,74

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Prices Houses
  • 737240.02,752715.14,779003.00,806858.02,843081.42,864579.16,881449.52,885846.70,866638.28,836886.20,846210.71,765896.71
  • 792019.23,450859.05,799537.84,888276.19,822307.53,718160.30,661427.84,540081.47,739405.59,573341.38,710218.92,239540.84
  • 397275.00,399000.00,404770.00,406725.00,420052.00,432871.00,429604.00,439000.00,440685.50,435935.50,432871.00,409000.00
  • 393500.00,357000.00,420000.00,355000.00,445000.00,374400.00,327657.50,410000.00,412000.00,320000.00,319000.00,130423.00

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