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The Magical Rhythms of the Night

Every year visitors to Puerto Vallarta face a serious dilemma. What tours or activities to choose while here! The short stay vacationer must select from an ever growing variety of choices. One that I highly recommend as a not to be missed tour is the Rhythms of the Night put on by the Vallarta Adventures Group. These fine folks offer a wide variety of quality day trips and excursions from swim with the dolphins to ATV tours. Their crowning glory however must be the Rhythms of the Night. Having attended this evening of complete entertainment some 5 times over the years and never leaving disappointed, this year’s show proved to be the most spectacular yet!

Caletas Beach, on the south shore, provides the setting for this Mexican magical mystery tour. As your boat approaches the docks, the entire area is illuminated solely by candles and torches, setting the scene and mood. As you disembark and head to the activities area, a fantastic array of “wild beasts” line the path astonishing you with their magnificent costumes and camouflage. As is customary with Vallarta Adventures, the meals are plentiful and delicious with the staff showering you with attention.

The real attraction however remains the better than ever performance by the talented group. You’ll revel in the music, beauty, choreography, grace and pure athleticism displayed by the marvelous troupe. The sights and sounds of Pre-Hispanic Mexico surround you as you sit beneath a canopy of stars amid the tropical vegetation.

So if you only participate in one or two activities while in Vallarta, Rhythms of the Night should top your list!

By Charlie Rondot

Charlie Rondot

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